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Recently, our world has witnessed a new reality.  For decades, businesses have operated under a false sense of security based upon a misinformed opinion of the ‘globalized’ world.  Technology was lauded to be the answer to every question.  Businesses have become reliant upon data service providers who rely on databases compiled from questionable sources, often with less than honorable or ethical intentions.  This questionable data easily distorts the reality of situations and as such, obscures the truth.   More often than not, what a person believes the world looks like, is skewed by these less than valuable resources.   The SARS‑CoV‑2 virus and related international pandemic with its associated geo-political and economic issues recently exposed this truth to millions globally.  This rude awakening has caused business professionals, industrial leaders and corporate organizations to reevaluate their optics on the world in which they reside.

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Our firm’s firsthand data acquisition, evaluation and analysis, as well as confirmation protocols provides the highest definition of the real world as possible so our clients can evaluate their positions effectively.  Our firm operates in a manner more reflective to that of a national intelligence service.  Our competitors rely on data sets and information gathering practices that are often corrupted, outdated and irrelevant.    


We provide our clients with relevant historical facts.  But, our true value resides in predictive and cognitive analysis providing the clearest view of global systems and policies, which affect our client’s economic, political and professional futures.  We assist policy and market makers in navigating a world driven by disinformation and occluded by irrelevant data.  Knowledge is power.  Knowing how to effectively utilize knowledge is the key to exercising each opportunity. Should you wish to become a client, please click here, fill out our intake form and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.