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By way of Deception.

" While we strive to avoid violating any laws, we are engaged in several activities that as of yet are not clearly regulated..... However, should we in fact be engaged in activities that may become unlawful..... Any potential fine we believe we may incur would not prohibit our firm from obtaining profitability." Source: 2013 financial report of fortune 100 Company (name withheld due to executed non-disclosure agreement.

Our firm conducts research and analysis for our private clients and from time to time obtains information on a "early release" basis or some other contractual relationship duty due to our client's engagements with prospective or ongoing investments. These 'early' or 'immature' documents often contain language that most people would be shocked in reading. The unrepentant truth is the majority of people DON'T READ THESE DOCUMENTS. And they should.

The quote on this page was obtained from a PUBLICLY released version of a document disclosed to us in due diligence of a project we encouraged our client to avoid. The blatant tone of the the disclosure language left us very uneasy and truthfully we are glad we made the hard call and advised a rejection of the proposal. The project and the fortune 100 company are under United States Federal Investigation for various allegedly unrelated activities.

But with a 'profit at all cost' attitude, the writing was on the wall.

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