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Updated: May 28, 2020

As we have stated to our long-term clientele, we foresee a continuing uncertainty within the global business community for the next 18 to 36 months due to the reactionary and draconian steps taken by governments globally. It is our opinion, the reporting of injuries / infections / death from the COVID-19 virus has been highly politicized. Recently announced changes to the tracking guidelines in several countries have caused an irrationally high assignment of deaths to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Within the United States, it has become commonplace to affix the cause of death upon a death certificate due to the use of a ventilator in treatment of a patient prior to their expiration. Often the true cause of death in fact is due to a preexisting condition such as cancer, this misreporting irrationally inflates the cases of “death” while deflating the cases of “recovery” attributed to the COVID-19 infection rate. Upon research, we have determined, the shift in policy of reporting is attributable to the practice of the business of medicine as care facilities have a monetary incentive to report a COVID-19 death in order to obtain grant funds from the United States Government.   The use of financial incentives, or rather the abuse of financial resources by 'for-profit' healthcare administrators has long been a major issue within the current western healthcare industry.  This event will likely cause new regulatory action to end this abuse of resources in determent to the public health good.

While it is almost impossible to correct the global rate of reporting, we must also address the monetary incentives offered to produce cures such as vaccines largely due to the fear propagated within the media. In truth, careful analysis appears to indicate, in many parts of the world more than 65% of the population has already been exposed to COVID-19 and the true death rate attributable to infection appears to be less than 1.4%. The long-term injury to the global economy has yet to be adequately determined and many have failed to recognize the injuries being inflicted. It seems many in the political and media worlds are either in denial of the financial realities of the majority of the world’s population, or in fact completely detached from it. In either case, the virus will in time be seen as a lesser injury than the treatment / reactions to it.

We are still constructing new models to consider the effects of reactionary governments, looming breakdowns in supply chains and coming upheaval in debt and credit marketplaces, events which not all that long ago would have been unimaginable. We have advised our clients to remain cautious, view opportunities rationally and to retain a higher than normal liquidity position. The unpredictable certainty is the reaction of the public masses once a general recognition occurs of the frauds conducted upon them by media outlets globally and the resultant fabricated panic, which caused great personal injury upon them. This aspect of modeling is one which is currently under review and scrutiny. We hope to have a product available shortly.

As with most companies, we are working to restructure our operations to reflect the “new normal” within our society and business communities. We are also asking people to reflect upon their personal experiences, view information with some scrutiny and conduct themselves accordingly. With some effort, the future will become brighter than the past.

About JagrStrat: Our firm conducts objective research services and expands publicly available information not typically reported within traditional media outlets as part of our Truth in Reporting and Accountability (TIRA) Project. For more on this Subject visit: or For Additional information on JagrStrat Contact:

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